Series of Fairs: March Fair
Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair - September

Profile of Exhibits

Fashion Jewellery
Base metal jewellery
Bead jewellery
Body piercing jewellery
Bridal jewellery
Ceramic jewellery
Enamel, bead, shell and pewter jewellery
Festive jewellery
Gemset jewellery
   - Semi-precious stone jewellery
   - Synthetic or simulated gemset jewellery
Glass jewellery
Magnetic jewellery
Men's jewellery
Natural material jewellery
Pet jewellery
Plastic jewellery
Silver jewellery and accessories
Titanium jewellery




Fashion Accessories
Belts and accessories
Fashion watches
Gloves and mittens
Hair accessories
Handbags, wallets and purses
Mobile phone straps
Nail accessories and tattoos
   - Scarves

Fashion Jewellery Materials
Gemstones - loose & polished gemstones
    - Semi-precious stones
    - Synthetic or simulated gemstones
Jewellery parts and components
Natural Materials

Display and Packaging
Display card & tab labels
Display materials
Gift boxes 

Buyers Attending by Region

(statistics of Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair - September 2016)

 Asia Pacific  55.9%
 Europe  15.3%
 North, South and Central America  9.3%
 Middle East, Africa and others  2.8%
 Hong Kong 16.7%

Trade Buyers' Nature of Business

(statistics of Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair - September 2015)

 Importers  19%
 Wholesalers  19%
 Retailers  15%
 Exporters  11%
 Manufacturers/Suppliers  12%
 Fashion Jewellery/Accessories Designer  7%
 Buying Agent  7%
 Department/Chain Store  7%
 Mail order houses/E-Tailer   2%
 Related institutes/Associations  1%


Countdown to the event