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Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair - September

Fashion Accessories

Asia’s Fashion Jewellery and Accessories Fair – September provides a unique forum and meeting place for buyers and sellers of fashion accessories, from the traditional to the avant-garde.

In 2011, 9FJ welcomed over 6,800 buyers from all over the world. Of this figure, 25% are buyers whose business mainly involved fashion accessories. In terms of exhibitors, the fair featured 346 suppliers from 13 countries and regions. Of this total, over 70 exhibitors specialise in fashion accessories including handbags, fashion watches, scarves, belts and hair accessories.

Buyers excited to discover where trends are heading for the coming Spring/Summer are in for a treat as exhibitors unveil the latest in fashion accessories for every budget. In addition, the fair will continue to provide a platform online -- through -- where buyers can meet the right suppliers and vice-versa, even before the fair starts.  Buyers and sellers can also meet at a host of evening networking events during the fair.


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Headband from Zhongshan Meilai Arts & Crafts Co Ltd Hair accessory from Paul Trading Company Limited Party clutch from Accessories by Nupur Bag from Paul Trading Company Limited Scarf from Paul Trading Company Limited
Lace Glove from Ru Lin (Welead) Accessories Mobile Cover from Tung San Metal Works Factory Limited Colorfol funky clutch,crystal evening bag from Guangzhou Han Fung Trading Co Ltd Beaded mobile cover from Nano Overseas Knitted scarf from Paul Trading Company Limited
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