Visa Application

  • Most visitors do not need a visa
    Visitors from most countries do not need a visa to enter Hong Kong, just a valid passport. Specifically, all visitors from European Union member countries, the USA and Canada do not need visas. Visas, obtained in advance from your local China or Hong Kong visa office, are required for visitors of the following countries & regions:

    Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Costa Rican Provisional passports, Cuba, Georgia, Grenada, Iran, Iraq, Kazakstan, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of), Kyrgystan, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova (Republic of), Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Special Peruvian passports, Romania, Russian Federation, Senegal, Solomon Islands, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yugoslavia (Federal Republic of). Please check with your local Chinese Embassy for details.

    If foreign visitors wish to go to mainland China, then a visa must be obtained. This can be done in Hong Kong, allowing several days at least, but it is best obtained before you leave to come to Hong Kong.

    For consular posts and officially recognised representatives in Hong Kong, please click here for contact detail.